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What are the guidelines for student schedule changes?

We handle all valid requests for a schedule change in August during walk-through registration. The time line for schedule changes is as follows:

0 - 1 Weeks: Student initiated
0 - 2 Weeks: Student/Parent/Teacher initiated
2 - 4 Weeks: Teacher/Administration initiated only
5 + Weeks: Administration initiated only

Parent permission is required on all core class changes.
We will only approve and process schedule changes for these reasons:

  1. Changes necessary to meet graduation requirements.
  2. Changes necessary because of failure of prerequisite course.
  3. Changes required for health reasons (doctor's verification required).
  4. Changes required because of completion of course in summer school or correspondence class.
  5. Changes required because of course conflicts appearing on computer schedule.
  6. Changes required because of previous documentation or student/teacher conflict.
  7. Changes required due to incomplete enrollment information and/or inaccurate scheduling.